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My name is John Miles Canavan (Skippy) .

I live in Northern ireland and have been in Ireland North and South (it is joined if you look from a plane) for 35 years after leaving Scotland behind as a young man.So now i think like an Irishman and moan like a Scot perfect!

Travelled a bit but not as much as i would like too, lived in Africa for a little, (married to a Zimbabwian)love France , Italy, and spent a month in the jungle with my  some of my family who live in Ecuador. They own a white water rafting  company called River people if you are heading there look them up and have an adventure!.

If you want to send a few words i would love to hear from you,i love taking images mostly of people ,i shoot with Fuji X (XPRO1 mostly) cameras now after a lifetime of Canon film and digital ,i still shoot a bit of film now and again, but Fuji X  makes photography real again for me.

DSLR style personally  feels so dead to me now,   its such an effort it doesnt come natural with all that gear. My passion is now rejuvenated with the Fujis although they are not perfect but that makes it more fun.

Send me a line with any comments.But get out and shoot first!!